Making the Case for Expanded Traceability in the Food Supply Chain

Companies doing business in retail grocery and foodservice are now looking to implement case-level traceability to support evolving trading partner requirements—while trying to get ahead of U.S. and international regulatory requirements like FSMA and EU1169. Broader traceability can improve response time to recalls and give you a competitive edge as others wait to adopt new standards.

Learn how you can leverage investments in GS1 Standards to expand traceability with the addition of GS1-128 barcodes. Hear how industry partners are working together to solve a growing problem, and how enterprise labeling helps facilitate a scalable, integrated solution.

Hear from our experts and gain the insight to help you:

  • Understand the latest standards in traceability that are being considered
  • See how your peers are taking the lead in case-level traceability from a global perspective
  • Be more prepared to manage inventory and conduct recalls or withdrawals, if needed
  • Find out how you can integrate enterprise labeling to keep up with new demands

About the Speakers:

Michele Southall, Industry Engagement Director, GS1 US
Michele Southall is an expert on the use and implementation of GS1 Standards, U.S. fresh food/CPG and retail grocery supply chain visibility and operations, as well as product traceability with a special focus on the Food Safety Modernization Act.