2018 Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Labeling

How has labeling changed with digital transformation and the new global supply chain model? How can labeling solutions meet the needs of today’s enterprise businesses?

It’s become clear that labeling plays an important role in creating new efficiencies both throughout the enterprise and within global supply chains. As business environments become more global and complex, companies need to look at labeling differently to keep pace with evolving technologies and to meet the demands of new multi-faceted, dynamic supply chains.


  • The Definition of Enterprise Labeling is Evolving
  • Centralized Control with Continuous Uptime is Imperative
  • Analytics Improves Visibility
  • Cloud Technology is Disrupting Labeling
  • Labeling Demands More Attention

About the Trends
Loftware conducts an annual survey to get a pulse on the impact of labeling on today’s global supply chain. For the 5th annual Top 5 Trends of Enterprise Labeling report, Loftware polled nearly 1,000 professionals from organizations across all major industries in 55 different countries to gather insights on what they saw as the major trends in Enterprise Labeling for 2018.