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How to Manage Labeling Changes for GHS Compliance

The deadline for meeting the new OSHA Hazard Communication Standard is getting closer. Join Loftware, the experts in enterprise labeling solutions, for a webinar featuring speaker Daniel Levine, CHMM, President of Product Safety Solutions, as he reviews how to update your product labels to align with GHS by June 1st 2015.

Date: Thursday, November 13, 2014
Time: 1:00 PM EST

Topics include:

  • What is the GHS?
  • What is the new approach in classifying products?
  • How the new OSHA HCS will drive labeling changes.
  • How to leverage a “source of truth” for data to produce GHS compliant labels.

About the Speaker:
Daniel Levine, CHMM, President of Product Safety Solutions
Daniel Levine is an expert in the field of chemicals safety standards and regulations with over 40 years experience in the industry. He is president of Product Safety Solutions, a consulting firm providing service in product hazard communication, TSCA compliance, and other regulatory areas affecting both manufacturing activities and finished products. His past positions include Director of Product Safefty and Integrity for AlliedSignal Inc. and President of the Society for Chemical Hazardous Communication (SCHC). Due to his extensive experience in the chemical safety industry, he received SCHC's 'Lifetime Achievement Award' in 2003 and was elected a 'Fellow' for the institute of Hazardous Materials Management in 2010.

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