Navigating Global UDI Requirements

How Enterprise Labeling Helps Sustain Compliance and Optimize Supply Chain Performance

In the highly-regulated medical device industry, labeling plays a central role.

The global roll-out of UDI regulations requires medical device companies to implement a more rigorous approach to label management. As requirements continue to evolve, having a systematic method to labeling will help ensure companies maintain compliance. 

As UDI rolls out around the globe many companies have needed to reevaluate their data management processes, thus having a ripple effect on how quickly their labels can comply. As companies continue to make progress and achieve compliance they face the added challenge from the new European regulation.

Download this white paper to learn how Enterprise Labeling allows users to have the flexibility to adjust labeling to account for wide variations and continuous change to meet complicated, variable business needs. 

About Enterprise Labeling
Enterprise Labeling is an approach that links labeling processes with business processes across the entire supply chain. From drawing on centralized sources of truth for data to providing auditability features, Enterprise Labeling is designed to meet and sustain compliance, while also enabling operational efficiencies and higher quality throughout the supply chain.

White Paper