How Savencia Optimized Labeling in SAP to Boost Supply Chain Efficiency and Traceability

If your labeling still involves manual processes, you are doing it all wrong.

In the following SAPInsider webinar, Savencia Cheese USA, the US subsidiary of Savencia Fromage & Dairy, discusses their powerful, web-based labeling solution and its certified integration from SAP.

Watch this webinar to learn how Savencia's Enterprise Labeling Solution allows them to ensure label accuracy, meet evolving customer requirements, extend labeling to partners and suppliers while reducing costs throughout the supply chain.

Learn how Loftware's Enterprise Labeling Solution helped Savencia:

  • Leverage a standardized and centralized approach to labeling in its SAP system
  • Streamline the design, review, and approval of labels by extracting appropriate data 
  • Meet customer needs by using existing label formats 
  • Extend labeling templates to co-packers to ensure accuracy and increase velocity 
  • Gain enhanced visibility and control to track products across the supply chain 
  • Improve its ability to support and troubleshoot issues using robust logging