Electronics Manufacturer Reduces Costly Labeling Errors

A US-based electronics manufacturer was experiencing significant growth but having difficulty scaling business processes to meet their global needs. The company, which has over 2,000 global customer and 12 sites across the US, Europe and Asia, serves multiple markets and was growing aggressively.

However, with a new Oracle WMS and MSCA business application, the companies existing 'home-grown' labeling solution could no longer adequately manage the growing label demand and complexity. Most importantly, the existing system relied on manual labeling processes, which resulted in costly mislabeling and growing customer dissatisfaction.

See how this manufacturer used their Loftware labeling solution to:

  • Save millions by eliminating costly mislabeling 
  • Replace time consuming manual processes
  • Ensure compliance for mandates such as RoHS
  • Meet unique customer label requirements

Case Study