How a Leading Auto Parts Provider Responds Rapidly to Customer Labeling Requirements

One of the biggest supply chain challenges is customer-specific labeling and the need to respond quickly to any changes. In recent years, this challenge has only increased with new demands for multiple languages, color printing, and branding. Failure to meet customer labeling requirements in a timely fashion may result in dissatisfied customers and lost revenue. Watch this webinar to learn how UGN Inc., a full-service provider of acoustical solutions to the auto industry, optimized barcode labeling from Oracle to meet customer barcode labeling requirements.

Eileen Cusack-Marvel, UGN’s Business Systems Manager, discusses how an Enterprise Labeling Solution allowed them to meet changing customer labeling requirements, enhance their processes, and improve performance across the supply chain.

Find out how UGN was able to:

  • Quickly and accurately adapt to constant label changes to stay on schedule
  • Leverage business rules to drive labeling while using Oracle as the source of truth
  • Save time, reduce costs by standardizing on a single Enterprise Labeling Solution

Loftware also discussed changing labeling requirements, recent industry trends, and how a dynamic, data-driven labeling solution helps optimize supply chain performance.