Loftware Print Server and Loftware Label Manager 12.0

Webinar Date: Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Webinar Time: 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET

Attend this exclusive, customer-only webinar to learn how the new Loftware Print Server 12.0 and Loftware Label Manager 12.0 releases improve label design options, expand printer support, enhance printer management capabilities, and introduce new integration and deployment options.


  • Horizontal and Vertical Positioning for Variable Images, Barcodes and Human Readables represent new label design properties that offer more control and flexibility for horizontal and vertical placement. 
  • Field Name View in Design offers a new view of a label in design that displays the field names and the data source for each variable object on a label. 
  • Cross Model Printing for ZPLII, IPL, SBPL reduces the need for label configuration changes as printer inventories change. Now customers can enable labels that are designed for a named model to print to a family driver that supports the same printer language, or vice versa, print a label designed for a family driver to a named printer model that supports the same printer language. 
  • Support for the new SATO SBPL Family Driver with Cross Model Printing introduces a new, native family driver. The SBPL family driver expands the native driver options available in LPS/LLM for high speed label printing as well as cross model printing functionality.
  • 64-Bit .NET Controls expand LPS’s integration capabilities by enabling customers to integrate their 64-Bit .NET applications to LPS using .NET Controls. LPS 12.0 can now seamlessly and directly integrate with these .NET applications to drive label printing.
  • Support for Microsoft Hyper-V enables the deployment of LPS in the Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Environment, expanding options for virtual environments.
  • Improved Performance for Label Scripts is achieved with a new scripting engine that offers significant performance improvements in processing scripts and printing labels.