How Bemis Leverages Enterprise Labeling to Meet High-Volume Customer Demand

In a fast-paced manufacturing environment, supply chain systems must be aligned for optimum efficiency. Any disconnect or delay can slow production and reduce profitability. For Bemis, a global leader of consumer packaging solutions, labeling must be strategically integrated to ensure accuracy, adapt to customer changes, and support the rapid, high-volume printing of nearly 30,000 labels a day.

In this webinar, Wilton Brown, Business Analyst with Bemis, will share how a powerful, scalable enterprise labeling solution automated within its SAP landscape keeps pace with growing production demands. You’ll see how Bemis relies on standardized labeling to drive all barcode labels—from product to pallet to shipping—and achieve measurable results.

YOU WILL LEARN HOW bemis is able to:

  • Integrate labeling with SAP to produce accurate, consistent packaging labels
  • Respond faster to customer label requests to expedite delivery of solutions
  • Leverage native drivers to increase printer output, reduce burden on network
  • Ensure high availability of labeling to sustain mission-critical operation
  • Expand its labeling process globally to support regional requirements